RECORDS MANAGEMENT & DECOMISSIONING                                                                    

Records Management on site


What is “Records Management”?

According to ISO 15489, any private and public organization should have control over the records generated and implement a records management system.

Records Management consists of the guidelines, techniques and practices used to manage the flow of documents, both electronic and paper, within an organization.

What are the advantages of keeping the company records well-ordered and under control?

    • Data traceability and recovery;
    • Accurate identification of record types in order to apply correct retention periods (Retention Schedule) and destruction dates;
    • Saving space and lower storage costs, since documents which have passed their destruction dates are no longer retained.

Which services are offered by MGM IS for Records Management?

Paper Records

    • Identification, classification and inventory of site records according to company policies regarding records management;
    • Labelling and archiving site records;
    • Boxing, palletizing and shipment of site records to a storage centre;
    • Creation of a general archive containing the following information for all site records:
      •  Item’s location (place, pallet, box, binder and folder)
      •  Item description related to its department or division
      •  Item date
      •  Item retention period
      •  Item destruction date

Electronic records

    • Identification of electronic data in systems, equipment and computer applications;
    • Preparation of a strategy for the electronic records management depending on the type and format of file in order to make them accessible and recoverable during the retention period;
    • File backups (data conversion and migration);
    • Virtual image creation for systems and equipment.